Remembering Dr. Ed Hindson

Remembering Dr. Ed Hindson

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Today we say our goodbyes to AACC friend, colleague, beloved teacher and noted biblical scholar, Dr. Ed Hindson. He was one of the original contributors to the ‘Caring for People God’s Way’ biblical counseling curriculum and stood alongside Dr. Tim Clinton as a mentor in the field. Dr. Hindson also was a contributing editor to the ‘Care and Counsel Bible’ and wrote several articles for AACC publications through the years, including the lead article in the most recent edition of Christian Counseling Today on Repentance, Grace, and Reconciliation.

“He was one of the key influencers in my life during my undergraduate studies and on my decision to pursue a career as a professional counselor. What I loved most about him was his ability to make the Bible come alive. He was deeply loved by his family and will be sorely missed by all” said Dr. Tim Clinton, President of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Well done good and faithful servant. Enjoy the splendor of heaven.

Join us as we continue to pray for the Hindson family during this time.