Why the Church Must Address the Mental Health Crisis of the Next Generation

The mental health crisis of the next generation has become an increasing and significant concern, and mental health professionals are sounding the alarm. Recent studies have shown that young people, especially those in their teenage years, are experiencing increased levels of depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. The church can play an essential role in addressing […]

By AACC, 3 weeks ago

Why Your Church Needs a Mental Health Ministry

Mental health has become a critical issue that affects people from all walks of life, including those in the church community. While churches often focus on spiritual development and growth, it is equally essential to address the mental health needs of their congregants. This is where a mental health ministry comes in.   A mental health […]

By AACC, 4 weeks ago

Can Christian Clients Benefit from EMDR Therapy?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a psychotherapy technique that is increasingly being used in counseling and therapy. EMDR is especially effective in treating trauma and can be a valuable tool for Christians who are seeking counseling. Trauma can profoundly impact a person’s mental and emotional health. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and […]

By AACC, 1 month ago

Celebrating Black History Month

We want to pause to recognize and celebrate Black History Month. As seen with recent events, we still have work to do to heal the current political divide and racial tension. Our mission is to be agents of reconciliation together.  Recently, AACC President, Dr. Tim Clinton, sat down with Alveda King, the niece of Martin […]

By AACC, 1 month ago

Neutralizing Your Valentine’s Day Triggers

by Ashley Elliott, MS, LMHCA, and Chuck Elliott, MOL, MAE Thump, thump, thump. Your heart begins to race. You just remembered that Valentine’s Day is approaching. Whether you’re single or married, the pressure brought on by upcoming holidays can feel a bit overwhelming. We want to help you work to lower that heart rate and […]

By AACC, 2 months ago

Creating an Exit Strategy to Overcome Grief Through the Holidays

by Ashley Elliott, MS, LMHCA, and Chuck Elliott, MOL, MAE We’ve all been there, wishing we could tap into an unknown superpower and teleport away from a difficult conversation. When this happens during a holiday gathering soon after facing loss, we might bite through our lip or stare into oblivion as we stay and absorb […]

By AACC, 3 months ago

Escaping Negative Parenting Habits

by Ashley Elliott, MS, LMHCA The role of a parent is one of the most important yet challenging roles one can hold. When faced with complex relationship challenges such as addiction, developmental disorders, or grief, parental stability may waiver. For those who are trained as a counselor or parenting coach, parenting styles are frequently an […]

By AACC, 4 months ago

Remembering Dr. Freda V. Crews

Dr. Freda V. Crews, 86, of Lake Bowen, SC departed for her heavenly home and into the presence of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Friday, October 21, 2022, following a lengthy illness. Dr. Crews was a Charter member of American Association of Christian Counselors and was part of a core group of members […]

By AACC, 5 months ago

Remembering Dr. Ed Hindson

Today we say our goodbyes to AACC friend, colleague, beloved teacher and noted biblical scholar, Dr. Ed Hindson. He was one of the original contributors to the ‘Caring for People God’s Way’ biblical counseling curriculum and stood alongside Dr. Tim Clinton as a mentor in the field. Dr. Hindson also was a contributing editor to […]

By AACC, 9 months ago

Preparing the Church to Help: Training Congregants to Assist Those in Crisis, Trauma and Recovery

by Edward E. Moody, Jr.  I was leaving a restaurant when I received a call about a serious accident in our community. The caller ended with, “Come quick!” I was a counselor educator at North Carolina Central University and had recently begun serving as a pastor at Tippett’s Chapel, a rural church. When I arrived, […]

By AACC, 11 months ago