How Peer-support is Changing the Face of Mental Healthcare (Without CE’s) Tuesday, November 1, 2022

How Peer-support is Changing the Face of Mental Healthcare (Without CE’s) Tuesday, November 1, 2022


*Note: This Webinar is not approved for CE credit. 


How Peer-support is Changing the Face of Mental Healthcare 

Tuesday, November 1, 2022 

6:00 – 8:00 PM ET 



Evan and Dr. Jenny Owens are the founders of REBOOT Recovery—the world’s largest peer-led trauma healing program. Evan is the executive director and regularly appears on RightNow Media, Newsmax, PureFlix, and nationally syndicated podcasts. Dr. Jenny Owens specializes in neurocognitive and psychosocial rehabilitation and has contributed to numerous occupational therapy publications. Evan and Jenny have three sons and live outside of Nashville, Tennessee.


Our nation is experiencing a dangerous imbalance. More than one-third of U.S. citizens live in an area lacking mental health professionals, and experts estimate there will be a shortage of more than 15,000 providers by 2025.1 This shortage comes as the number of adults in the U.S. reporting symptoms of anxiety or depression climbed from 11% in 2019 to 38% in 2020.2 There simply are not enough providers to meet the demand. The future of mental healthcare must include peer-led interventions. Peer-led models are scalable, affordable, and effective. Because peers are embedded in the communities they serve, they can reach and assist at-risk individuals with enhanced empathy and impact. REBOOT Recovery, a faith-based peer-led trauma healing program, has demonstrated effectiveness in improving mental and social health, anger symptoms, meaning and purpose in life, social connectedness, and forgiveness.3, 4 By utilizing peer-leaders, REBOOT has served more than 15,000 people since 2021. 


Learning Objectives 

Participants will: 

  1. Observe how four emerging models of peer-led programming are reshaping mental healthcare 
  2. Discuss how patient outcomes improve when professionals leverage the influence of peers 
  3. Learn how communities of faith are our nation’s most untapped peer-led resource


1 Over one-third of Americans live in areas lacking mental health professionals. (2021, June 9). USA Facts. (accessed June 3, 2022).  

 2 Holland, K.M., Jones, C., & Vivolo-Kantor, A.M. (2021). Trends in U.S. emergency department visits for mental health, overdose, and violence outcomes before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. JAMA Psychiatry, 78(4):372-379.  

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 Continuing Education 

*Note: This Webinar is not approved for CE credit.