Mental Health Connection Info Session

Mental Health Connection Info Session


*Note: This Webinar is not approved for CE credit. 

Mental Health Connection Info Session

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021    

3:00 PM ET    

AACC has partnered with Gloo, an organization who is working with churches in Colombus, Dallas, and Forth Worth area to reach people online. They are using digital advertising to help the church actively connect with those who have questions, want to connect with someone, or have a felt need.

The Digital Outreach is working 

Gloo has been actively running these digital campaigns since the Summer, and on average they are making church/ministry connections for over 100 people per day (and accelerating).

These are real people who want to be connected to a person… for prayer, relationship, community, and practical help. So far the results have been outstanding!

But they have also uncovered a serious need…

Churches Urgently Need Help Serving Those with Mental Health Questions

The current pace of online needs is exceeding the ability for the participating churches to serve these people well. This is particularly true around people who are responding with questions and needs around mental health.

The most pressing needs are in two categories:

  1. Many churches lack a trained individual to receive, coach, and/or refer someone with mental health-related needs (acute anxiety, depression, self-harm, etc.)
  2. When a church spends time finding ways to help someone with a mental health-related need, they’re often unable to serve people with other, less acute, needs and questions.

As a Mental Health Coach, you were made for this!

You are trained and able to stand as a first-line contact for those in your church, and community, who present with a significant mental health need. By acting as a “digital first responder” to these individuals exploring help online, you will accomplish 3 key things:

  1. Enable your church to offer real help to those who need it most
  2. Free up resources to serve other types of questions (spiritual, relationship, physical help, etc.)
  3. Connect people to Christian-centered assistance when they would otherwise likely be served by those who operate without a spiritual component to their care

What’s Required of Me?

Gloo and AACC are making this program easy to participate in. On average, we expect that you will receive approximately 2 to 3 new people per week. You will be able to employ your training as a Mental Health Coach, helping to assess them and point them to the right next step.

There is no cost or financial component to this program.

How does it work?

Join us for an upcoming 30-minute info session where we will present the full details and get you and your church connected.

WHAT: Mental Health Connection Info Session

WHEN: 11/02/2021 at 3:00pm EST

Why I’m Excited About This
When we first created the Mental Health Coach program we sought to equip people with the training and skills to provide Christ-centered “first responder” services to those in need. The skills you learned in areas like methods of change, listening, effective communication, giving hope, and counseling theory… are sorely needed in Colombus, Dallas, and Forth Worth churches right now.

The Gloo Connect program is perfectly designed to find and connect these clients with you, the trained Coach. We’re thrilled to provide this service as a way for you to put your training into practice and serve the needs of those in your community.

 *Note: This Webinar is not approved for CE credit.