Instruction Sheet for ASWB/ State CE Credit

  1. Current Curriculum Vitae  
    • Please prepare and provide an updated CV
    • Please provide your license if you hold one
  2. Abstract 
    • All content must be geared towards a licensed mental health professional. Please include in your abstract the words “for licensed mental health professionals.” 
    • Please indicate what the participant is intended to learn and/or do in the workshop/webinar.  
    • Please avoid inappropriate use of declarative, absolute, and/or definitive statements that insufficiently reflect the empirical literature 
    • Please indicate limitations or contradictory evidence. 
      • For example: if techniques or model is geared toward a specific group of people, such as Christian clients, please state this in your abstract. 
    • Please include APA citation to references in your abstract for any evidence-based support has been stated (minimum 3)
    • Please provide an abstract with 100-125 words that align with your learning objectives and reference list (if needed). 
  3. Learning Objectives 
    • Intensives require a minimum of 10 learning objectives
    • Pre-conference and Track Workshops require 3 learning objectives 
      • These learning objectives should clearly define what the participant will know or be able to do as a result of having attended the program 
      • These objectives must be stated in measurable terms. 
      • Here is a link to help you:
      • There should be clear connection between the abstract and the learning objectives 
      • Please indicate limitations 
        • For example, if techniques or model is geared toward a specific group of people, such as Christian clients, please state this in your learning objectives.  
  4. Evidence-based Support 
    • Please provide references if you indicate evidenced based support in your abstract
      • relevant (e.g., reflective of the breadth and depth of the session content),  
      • current (e.g., within the past 5 years),  
      • sufficient, and  
      • evidence-based references (e.g., 3 peer-reviewed references and these are normally journal articles). 
      • Your references must align with your learning objectives and abstract.  
      • Reference must be in APA format 
  5. Bibliography
    • Please include a bibliography of all sources used in the creation of the workshop, including information from websites, books, journals, articles, reports, charts, videos, etc. Most of the references must come from peer-reviewed journals, unless no journal articles are available for the content area(s) being covered in the course. In that case, other references must prove the course relates to current evidence-based practice or best practice for the social work profession.
    • Participants must have access to the bibliography to determine the credibility and source of information and to learn more from sources.
    • At least 50 percent or five of the references cited, whichever is less, must reflect research published within the past five years. The bibliography must be updated regularly to ensure courses meet this requirement.
    • If the bibliography includes writings the course instructor authored, it must also include relevant, current references from writings of other authors.
    • The bibliography’s entries must follow APA format. The Purdue Online Writing Lab offers detailed instructions on formatting these entries.
    • If a reference is from a website that lists no specific date of creation, then the date the CE provider last retrieved the information must be included in the bibliography.

*Please note that if the planning committee determines that any of these aspects of your proposal are insufficient for ASWB/ State CE credit, you will be asked to change it. If you do not wish to change your proposal, your workshop or webinar will be given for different CE credit than ASWB/ State.