002 – ***Securing Reattachment after Sexual Betrayal


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One of the most therapeutically misplaced and poorly practiced components of treating couples wanting to recover is helping them build a secure reattachment to each other. This is the last therapeutic effort and needs to be highly structured, progressive, and mutually satisfying to both spouses. It is a felt bond that must be experienced by both prior to termination. Guided by the therapist, it will embrace individual growth, historical satisfaction, acquired skill sets, spiritual components, and sexual restoration. Though comprehensive, for those couples who want to rebuild, it provides reassurance and establishes confidence going forward.

Presented by: David Carder, M.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Be able to tailor a couple-specific reattachment process using the five components
  2. Be provided resources supported by research to use within their clinical settings
  3. Receive exercises to help monitor couples?۪ closeness, identify the level of their shared understanding of this betrayal, and clarify protections needed to prevent relapse