003 – Coaching, Pastoring, and Teaching Couples to Enjoy Life Together: 7 Ways to Experience High Levels of Marital Satisfaction and Avoid Marital Drift


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Marital satisfaction is a choice, not an outcome. Enjoying life together requires the daily decisions of prioritizing quality couple time, speaking words of high value over one another, leaning into biblical community, listening with your spouse in mind, eradicating the kid-centered home, offering forgiveness, and keeping an open heart. Marital drift is not a choice. It sneaks in the moment you stop choosing to enjoy life together. The good news is marital satisfaction is based on factors and skills couples can do something about in any season or stage of life. That means marital satisfaction is possible for any and every couple. We need to move away from the ???doom and gloom?۝ teaching on marriage. Research shows that the vast majority of couples in our country are ???very happy?۝ or ???pretty happy?۝ in their marriages. Pastors, preachers, teachers, small group leaders, coaches, and counselors need to lead out with a beautiful picture of marriage rather than the worn out starting line, ???Marriage is hard work.?۝ What if it is easier than we think?

Presented by: Ted Cunningham, MACE

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Explore strategies to help couples in all seasons and stages of life achieve high levels of marital satisfaction and lower their risks of drift and divorce
  2.  Be able to recognize and articulate the early warning signs of marital drift
  3. Be able to identify and critique outdated marriage messages and develop relevant alternatives that speak to all couples in their churches, practices, and communities