004 – ***Seeing Red: Best Practices for Anger Management and Resolution


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What are the best methods to assess, treat, and educate people who mismanage anger? This presentation provides an overview of the nature and physiology of anger, and incorporates research-based skills, innovative techniques, biblical insights, and the evidence-based curriculum of the Anger Management Institute.

Presented by: Lynette Hoy, M.A. & Seigel Bartley, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Identify the nature, physiology, and process of anger and gain knowledge of anger assessment and the most effective cognitive, problem-solving, and behavioral strategies for managing anger
  2. Demonstrate motivational counseling and coaching approaches for assisting clients and students in transforming anger using faith and empirically-supported skills—skills can be applied to case scenarios focusing on stress, crisis, and trauma
  3. Develop insights and skills for providing effective anger management counseling, coaching, ministry, and related services