014 – Helping Your Clients Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable: Empowering People and Families to do the Tough Work to Break Impasses


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In working with individuals or families, counselors and coaches continuously run into a major factor that derails great ???insights?۝ from ever taking root as real change. That?۪s the very real need for people to ???get comfortable with being uncomfortable.?۝ Participants will learn the ???whys?۝ and ???take home?۝ strategies on how people can stay engaged and build resilience??_ even when it is ???uncomfortable?۝ to do so!

Presented by: John Trent, Ph.D. & Deborah Gorton, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Learn why a failure to keep moving toward change is so closely linked to the idea of being “uncomfortable”
  2. Gain tools for helping family members, couples, and individuals stay engaged and move toward health as they move past “discomfort”
  3. See how “radical acceptance” can become a powerful bridge to help clients follow through on needed changes and “get comfortable” with the dissonance