018 – When War Comes Home: Reintegration, PTSD, Suicide, and Resilience: Training for Individuals and Families


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Modern warfare has significantly impacted a generation of warriors and their families. Beyond the physical wounds of battle, families may face post-traumatic stress, depression, anger, strained relationships, and suicide. A career military couple leads this workshop on how key elements of military culture powerfully shape the ways warriors and families face these challenges. Licensed clinicians, pastors, and other helpers will find practical, faith-based ideas for effective ministry to military clients and their families.

Presented by: David Mikkelson, M.Div. & Suzanne Mikkelson, M.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Identify several unique, but influential, military cultural dynamics and modern warfare stressors that impact warriors and how military families face stress
  2. Identify effective mental health treatments for PTSD, as well as practical actions churches can take, to effectively minister to military members and families
  3. Explore practical ways that mental health professionals and pastors, including those with no military background, can improve their effectiveness with the military community