019 – Hurt 2.0: Issues and Challenges in Counseling and Ministering to Today?۪s Teens


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This workshop, based on ethnographic research originally detailed in the award-winning book, Inside the World of Today?۪s Teenagers, provides counselors and others working with youth and their families the most current developmental and environmental realities affecting teenagers today. In addition to the latest data available, this workshop will offer best practices for counseling, leading, nurturing, and serving this complex population. Primarily for counselors and therapists, the content will greatly enhance the work and ministry of all those who come alongside the young during this highly complex and ever-challenging season of their lives, like educators, pastors, parents, and anyone else who is called to support, lead, love, and guide the next generation.

Presented by: Chap Clark, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Understand how growing up has dramatically changed in recent decades, and how life and society affect development
  2. Recognize the distinctives between early, mid, and late (or “emerging adulthood”) adolescents and how to respond to the current challenges and realities of each
  3. Be able to provide greater and more substantive counseling, support, encouragement, (for child and/or parent), and ministry application for today’s adolescents