028 – Life Inside the World of Today?۪s Teen Girls: Current Issues and Treatment that Works


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Current evidence and research suggest that many adolescent girls struggle daily to survive in what has often been described as a ???girl-poisoning?۝ culture.??With the rise of the digital age, messages influencing body image, identity, and overall self-confidence are flooding the minds
of teen girls 24/7. Rape, incest, and sex-trafficking are also at an all-time high in which the majority of victims are young girls.??In this workshop, we will explore how an over-sexualized culture, the digital age (i.e., social media, texting technology, Internet use), and
family/relationship dysfunction have taken their toll on our girls. We will explore case studies and treatment strategies that have been shown successful in helping young women regain their sense of self, resilience, and strength in the face of adversity and evil.??Do not miss this opportunity to learn how you can ???Rise Up?۝ and have a positive influence and impact on the lives of teen girls in your communities!

Presented by: Amy Feigel, M.A. & Molly Catherine Goodson, J.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Understand through the latest research the dynamics and cultural influences today?۪s teen
    girls face on a daily basis
  2. Learn effective treatment orientations, clinical behavioral strategies, and scriptural insights
    that promote self-confidence and secure identity development in teen girls
  3. Review, discuss, and develop a clinical treatment plan for actual case studies of teen girls in