031 – Double-edged: Bringing Biblical Hope and Practical Help to Care and Counseling


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Twice the Bible says, ???First seek the counsel of the Lord.?۝ So??_ let?۪s do it! Research consistently validates the principle that counseling and treatment outcomes are more successful and life-transforming when clients receive help that closely aligns with their values and beliefs. Many caregivers and mental health practitioners desire to actively incorporate spiritual faith and biblical principles into their work with others, but have not seen helpful models or do not know how to bring God?۪s truth into the counseling process effectively. This presentation offers a clear, proven framework using the power of God?۪s Word, in combination with sound counseling techniques, to change lives. The critical role of counselors who are ???authentically present?۝ and conformed to the character of Christ is also considered.

Presented by: June Hunt, M.A. & Eric Scalise, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Develop a systematic protocol for integrating God’s truth into the counseling relationship through understanding a strategic four-part approach: applying definitions, characteristics, causes, and biblical solutions to presenting problems
  2. Examine and assimilate the Hope for the Heart model of bringing biblical hope and practical help to the challenging issues of anger, fear, and domestic violence
  3. Understand the ministry of presence and learn how to embrace caregiving roles as Ambassadors of Reconciliation and Messengers of Hope to the broken, lost, and hurting