039 – The Road Map: Counseling Strategies that Work in Healing an Emotionally Destructive Marriag


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There are no perfect marriages, and all relationships contain some sin and suffering. However, most of the training counselors and pastors receive to help troubled couples do not specifically address issues of domestic abuse nor identify the subtle dynamics of other emotionally-destructive attitudes and behaviors. Studies show that one in four Christian women reports being in an emotionally destructive marriage, yet we are ill-equipped to handle these situations competently and compassionately that helps both victim and perpetrator.

Presented by: Leslie Vernick, M.S.W.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Be able to identify the difference between a difficult marriage, a disappointing marriage, and a destructive marriage, and know when the line is crossed
  2. Learn three, common mistakes people helpers make when working with this population that cause more harm to individuals and couples in distress
  3. Identify four, distinct stages of therapy and the goals necessary in each stage for destructive patterns to be broken so the marriage can be healed