041 – Helping Counselees Emotionally and Decisionally Forgive Others and Themselves


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Many Christian and non-Christian clients want to forgive themselves or others because their
unforgiveness bothers them (for everyone) and (for Christians) their Christian beliefs and values
make this a grateful response to God, who forgave them. Clinical scientific studies show that
forgiveness involves a decision and an emotional transformation. DiBlasio has developed a
three-hour evidence-based intervention to help couples make a decision to forgive.
Worthington?۪s REACH Forgiveness intervention (for forgiving others or oneself) has more than
30 randomized controlled trials supporting its effectiveness. It has been taught in groups, do-it-
yourself workbooks, online, with couples, in sermons, in Christian education, and in community
awareness-raising efforts in colleges and churches. In this practical workshop, you will learn
how to use these interventions effectively in your practice, even when you do not have much
time to work specifically on forgiveness. And you will also learn how, as clients practice
forgiveness, their brains can literally be rewired.

Presented by: Fred DiBlasio, Ph.D. & Everett Worthington, Jr., Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Employ the steps in helping counselees achieve decision-based forgiveness of others
  2. Apply psychological explanations of how the brain is designed by God to forgive the rationales needed for use by Christian clients
  3. Use the evidence-based REACH Forgiveness model to help counselees forgive others and themselves