042 – Sexual Ruts, Strongholds, and Addiction: Getting Beyond Behavioral Solutions


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In this workshop, we will first discuss the question in the Christian community of the definitions of spiritual warfare and strongholds, ruts, and addiction. Second, we will look at what a variety of behavioral solutions have been. We will then present a model of how to go ???deeper?۝ with clients in terms of their spiritual and emotional growth. We believe that long-term purity or sobriety can only be achieved when there has been this kind of deeper work. Behavioral solutions can be a temporary approach, but not a long-term solution. Our workshop will include the work of Virginia Satir, who said, ???The presenting problem is not the problem. Getting to the deeper issues is always the best approach.?۝ This will include her concept of the Iceberg model, which we, the Laasers, have used in our book, The Seven Desires. Case studies will be used throughout our presentation.

Presented by: Greg Miller, D.Min.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Learn the basic concepts of the Iceberg model
  2. Understand why behavioral solutions are deficient in the long-term
  3. Learn the counseling strategies to help clients go deeper in their emotional healing and spiritual journeys with Christ