043 – ***Spiritual Assessment and Intervention in Crisis Response


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When people experience traumatic events or tragic losses, the impact is both psychological and spiritual. Therefore, healing must address spiritual issues in order to provide the most comprehensive help. This workshop will offer a model of spiritual assessment for mental health professionals and spiritual caregivers that will aid in determining the needs of clients who have experienced crisis, grief or trauma. The assessment tool will also give practical steps for having a spiritual conversation with clients who may be struggling with spiritual or religious issues in a non-threatening way. Challenges related to grief and trauma will also be discussed, including tools for addressing moral injury.

Presented by: Jennifer Cisney Ellers, M.A. & Kevin Ellers, D.Min.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Review major spiritual issues common to those who have experienced crisis, trauma or significant loss
  2. Explore and practice the use of a spiritual assessment tool to utilize with clients or those being helped in crisis intervention
  3. Discuss helpful spiritual interventions for the healing of a moral injury