048 – The Angry and Emotional vs. the Rational Thinking Brain


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The brain is arguably the most complex organism that God has created. The miracle of the brain is not the amazing organization of its parts, but rather how it talks to itself. Brain language activates millions of mechanisms to form thoughts and emotions. The brain is organized to make important choices based on what it learns during various stages of development. Keeping in mind that although the brain is a learning machine, it is also a projector. People project onto others and situations things that may or may not be accurate. This workshop will explore the functions of the angry emotional vs. the rational thinking brain. We will discuss the process of thinking and therapeutic concepts as they apply to choices and consequences in our clients?۪ lives. We will explore techniques for helping clients make better choices based on thinking rather than anger and emotions, and how emotions produce perceptions of reality and memories. Participants will leave this workshop with practical information that they can adapt to their own counseling styles and needs of their clients.

Presented by: Barry Lord, Psy.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Learn brain construction, and apply concepts of learning, emoting, choice formation, and consequences
  2. Apply modalities of learning and memory and discover how brain parts communicate with one another
  3. Discuss how therapeutic models apply to cognitive and behavioral processes for better counseling outcomes