050 – ***Using Psychodrama with Christian Clients: An Experiential Workshop for Therapists


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The Christian faith is steeped in narrative and drama, in which stories are essential to divine revelation. As a result, distinctly Christian psychotherapy and counseling have a rich narrative and dramatic resources they can utilize. This workshop will offer a Christian theoretical rationale for theologically-guided psychodrama and demonstrate a model for addressing psychological issues using role-playing and crafting a drama in 30 minutes that can enable people to draw upon the Spirit?۪s power to overcome internal conflict or receive love in order to experience an emotional transformation.

Presented by: Eric Johnson, Ph.D. & Shannon Wolf, Ph.D. & Bob Hudson, M.A., M.Div.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Give a Christian rationale and framework for the role of symbol, narrative, and drama in psychotherapy and counseling
  2. Duplicate the main features of a psychodramatic model used to externalize and clarify psychological conflict and provide an embodied-emotional resolution
  3. Implement simple psychodramatic techniques in session