063 – It?۪s Okay Not to Be Okay: Moving Forward One Day at a Time


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What does it mean to live a transparent life? Why do those
in ministry often find it so difficult to be authentic? Life as
I knew it ended when I was diagnosed with severe clinical
depression. After trying for so many years to be the
perfect Christian, I fell apart on live, national television and
was checked into a Christian unit in a psychiatric hospital.
I thought my life was over. Friends and other ministry
leaders told me that if it became known that I had been in
a psych hospital, I would never be trusted again and my
ministry would be over. I told them that I was not trying to
save my ministry??_ I was trying to save my life. On the floor
of my hospital room, I asked Christ to take my life. What I
discovered was that He had actually brought me to a prison
to set me free. So many in our Christian communities have
been shamed into silence. I believe it is time to shine the
brightest light into the darkest corners of the Church.

Presented by: Sheila Walsh

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Discover the importance of gut-level, honest conversations with God
  2. Learn to rise above disappointment
  3. Celebrate scars as tattoos of triumph