071 – Standing on Acres of Diamonds


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Russell Conwell, founder of Temple University, tells a true
story about a man who gave up his land, home, and family
to chase after diamonds on the other side of the world.
Finding nothing, he took his own life. One day the new
owner of the land stumbled upon acres of diamonds on his
property. How sad that one man abandoned everything
to run after what he already had all along. So many of us
do this today. We hop from relationship to relationship,
job to job, church to church, or city to city because we are
not happy, satisfied or feel appreciated. There are times
in which God calls us to a place that doesn?۪t feel fruitful
or rewarding, but He commands us to stay put. Pastor
Franklin will share truths to empower people to dig in
their own backyards and start seeing the wonderful things
where they are right now??_ even if it looks like a dustbowl.
Whether or not you know it, each one of us is standing on
acres of diamonds. In this plenary, you will be encouraged
to push past the giving-up places with a deeper faith.

Presented by: Jentezen Franklin

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Learn to value and grow the places, communities, and relationships where God has called them to stay
  2. Understand the only way they can uncover God?s best is through the pressures and heat of life?s trials
  3. Discover the importance of asking God to open their eyes to see the potential, opportunity, and vision of where they are