101 – When the Loss Isn’t Death: Grieving Unrecognized Losses.


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We face loss every day of our lives. How we adapt to a lifetime of losses shapes who we
become. With each loss, we reinvent our identities in light of the new absence. Too often, when
the loss is not death, we ignore or bury the injury we incur. Consider the following: material
loss; threatened health; decreased function with aging; congregational loses; faith crises;
unachieved personal dreams and goals; and changing roles in family, career, and community.
Grief of this nature is frequently ambiguous and disenfranchised. The impact of secondary
losses, which stem from death losses, will be considered. This workshop will give participants a
new perspective on losses in their lives, as well as the lives of those they serve in their

Presented by: H. Norman Wright, M.A., D.Min.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Identify the multitude of non-death losses
  2. Discover the best approaches to walk through the current and past impact of these losses
  3. Help others become aware of, and prepare for, the inevitability of loss