106 – His Brain, Her Brain, Love and Sex: Maximizing Marital Sex Bliss


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Do love relationships have to be such a mystery? New brain research is transforming our
understanding of basic neurological differences and similarities between male and female
sexuality and love relationships.??Thanks to advances in genetics and non-invasive brain-imaging
technology, there has been a revolution in neuroscientific research and theory concerning
human sexuality. This workshop will cover the neurobiology of male and female sexuality.
Participants will gain an understanding into the neuro-hormones and how those impact sexual
relationships. Clinical research regarding attachment and self-differentiation theory will be
shown to significantly contribute to healthy sexual functioning. Best practices will guide the
clinician and lay counselor in helping couples overcome sexual dysfunctions and learn strategies
to maximize marital sexual bliss.

Presented by: Nancy Houston, M.A., LPC, CST

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Identify the most current neurobiology of male and female sexuality and analysis of male
    and female sexual similarities and differences
  2. Review clinical theory identifying how healthy attachment and self-differentiation build
    sexual passion and foster a deeper connection
  3. Recognize psychological strategies to overcome sexual dysfunctions and grow marital sexual