116 – Ethics and Liability: Navigating Complex Confidentiality Issues in Modern Era


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Seemingly the most foundational obligation between the counselor and the client,
confidentiality is wrought with complex considerations and exceptions that can impose difficult
considerations in today?۪s environment: What are a counselor?۪s obligations to minors vs.
parents? Does lay and pastoral counseling pose any special concerns? When does a counselor
have a duty to warn of potential harm and how will a court determine if that duty is or is not
met? This session is designed to answer these questions and the most complex considerations
relating to confidentiality.

Presented by: Jeanneane Maxon, J.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Study the foundational legal and ethical obligations to clients, and exceptions to these >confidentiality obligations
  2. Examine and analyze the most “tricky” confidentiality issues and learn the best practices to help shield themselves from legal liability
  3. Engage in an interactive discussion on when to retain legal counsel and/or other help when navigating complex confidentiality issues, including case scenarios illustrating more complex issues