124 – The Elephants in the Room: Sex, Money, and Other Essential Topics


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The topics that are hardest to talk about are often those where a bit of new knowledge can
make the biggest difference. Many marriages and relationships suffer (or simply do not thrive)
due to something as tragically simple as a lack of the right information about what is going on in
the heart and mind of the other person???and that is especially the case when it comes to sex,
money, porn, tricky family relationships or a host of other ???elephant in the room?۝ topics. This
session will present a set of simple, but life-changing, factors that everyone needs to know.
Published in the best-selling books, For Women Only, For Men Only, Through a Man?۪s Eyes, The
Good News about Marriage, and the Men, Women and Money curriculum, this research-based
knowledge helps each person understand where his or her partner is coming from, and has
already proven to be surprising, eye-opening, and transformative for hundreds of thousands of
couples. All findings are based on 15 years of rigorous research with more than 20,000 men,
women, and teenagers, including 10 nationally representative surveys, and include the most
crucial emotions, brain wiring, insecurities, and other factors underneath our different
responses to money, sex, visual temptations, and other common, but awkward, stressors. Yet,
these same factors present excellent opportunities for communication and intimacy once they
are understood.

Presented by: Shaunti Feldhahn, MPP

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Learn the highest-leverage factors under the surface of common, but awkward, stresses in marriage; those factors that cause the greatest heartache when they are not understood and lead to the greatest peace and contentment when they are
  2. Share this new knowledge of sex with couples in any area of need (premarital counseling to considering divorce) to open their eyes to what their mates might be thinking or feeling
  3. Identify situations where applying a few small changes can visibly stop a negative spiral, give couples hope, and be a catalyst for much greater intimacy in their relationships