210 – A Non-pharmacological Approach to Anxiety and Depression


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The current drug-oriented biomedical model of diagnosis and treatment for non-medical
problems is reductionist and potentially dangerous. While the biomedical model is an effective
approach in treating medical illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and so on, it is
unhelpful, and even damaging, in matters to do with consciousness and the mind, such as
depression and anxiety. The ???treatment?۝ of these so-called diseases is predominated by
psychotropic drugs, ECT and TMS, which have been shown to be ineffective in the long-term,

potentially harmful, disempowering, and even stigmatizing. Calling for a bigger budget for drug-
oriented psychiatry ???medicalizes misery?۝ and dehumanizes people, ignoring the context

surrounding why a person chooses to act or speak in a certain way. In this workshop, Dr. Leaf
presents an alternative model based on her research and clinical experience.

Presented by: Caroline Leaf, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Review the current biomedical model for mental health to see that it is reductionistic and potentially dangerous
  2. Describe the dangers of psychotropic drugs
  3. Discuss the Geodesic model—an alternative approach to mental health