212 – Developing Resilience and Grit in Clients, Students, and Employees


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Everyone experiences disappointment, personal failure and, at times, trauma. How we respond
to these inevitable life events significantly shapes our recovery from them, subsequent
behavior, and likelihood of experiencing a fulfilling life. Our natural tendency is to avoid pain
and make quick changes that appear to be significant, and many psychotherapy strategies
promote this goal. However, there is much to be learned by following a path of resilience and
grit to experience a meaningful life. This workshop will describe strategies that can be
incorporated into many professional relationships to facilitate positive change, resilience, and
grit when working with psychotherapy clients, students learning professional behavior, and
employees or mentees coping with workplace issues.

Presented by: Clark Campbell, Ph.D. & Donell Campbell, M.S.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Identify subtle ways in which they may inadvertently protect clients from doing the hard work of fundamental change that promotes resilience and grit—conversely, attendees will discuss empirically supported strategies to develop resilience and grit
  2. Apply knowledge of how to promote grit and resilience within psychotherapy relationships with clients
  3. Learn how to promote grit and resilience when working with students and employees