218 – Psychological Well-being and Faith: How the Teachings of the Church Affect Your Mental Health


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Within the growing literature examining the relationship between religion and mental health,
several variables have been shown to be predictive of psychological well-being. These include
religious affiliation, religious attendance, frequency of private religious practices, and intrinsic
religiosity. While most studies on religion and mental health have tended to use these
measures of religious involvement, recent studies have been more interested in an individual?۪s
religious beliefs rather than simply their religious behavior. In this workshop, Dr. Stanford will
review the research on faith and psychological well-being. The role that the Church can play in a
congregant?۪s psychology well-being, be that as a therapeutic healing community or a harmful
influence, will also be discussed.

Presented by: Matthew Stanford, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Understand the relationship between belief in God and psychological well-being
  2. Learn a clinically useful measure to assess an individual’s view of God
  3. Discuss how a church can positively impact the mental health of its congregants