221 – Families in Crisis: The Domestic Violence/Addiction Connection and What to Do About It


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Research shows that there is a distinct correlation between domestic violence in the home and
the effects of alcohol and illegal drugs in thinking processes in the brain. Families are often
caught in addiction and violence that destroys homes and leaves generations of families
broken. Research also shows that ???anger management?۝ by itself does not work to end domestic

violence. This presentation will discuss the effects of addiction on higher thinking and problem-
solving. We will consider how various states manage domestic violence and illegal drugs and

consider ways to manage both.

Presented by: Barry Lord, Psy.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Consider ways to manage dangerous domestic violence clients
  2. Review brain functions of addictions in anger-prone individuals
  3. Identify various ways that some states have managed the domestic violence crises in their communities