225 – Teletherapy: A Christian Counselor’s Guide to Legal, Ethical, and Clinical Counseling


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Tele-therapy can offer greater access to clients in rural areas, college students, professionals
who travel, and many others. It offers tremendous possibilities, but it also poses some unique
challenges. While the research supports its efficacy, there are ethical, legal, and clinical
challenges that you should consider before engaging in these services. Dr. Verhaagen has been
a licensed psychologist for 28 years and has practiced tele-therapy for nearly a decade.
Whether you have been practicing tele-therapy or are only beginning to explore the
possibilities, you will learn valuable insights that will enhance your practice.

Presented by: Dave Verhaagen, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Explain at least four potential risks of tele-therapy
  2. Identify three issues for which tele-therapy is appropriate and three issues where it is not appropriate
  3. Discuss at least three practical issues they may face in the practice of tele-therapy services