315 – Out of the Doghouse for Christian Men: A Redemptive Guide for Men Caught Cheating (and Their Wives)


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Christian men are not immune from the decimating plague of infidelity. Yet, underneath the
hurt and betrayal, there is often still love that can regenerate and grow with the proper
attention. Because men and women typically view relationships differently, women betrayed by
cheating men are usually shattered, and betraying men are usually… well, bewildered about all
the fuss that results from their cheating. Without proper guidance, most men have little chance
of restoring relationship trust. In fact, they often make things worse. Robert Weiss, a nationally
acclaimed secular expert in the treatment of sex and intimacy issues, provided a practical,
effective guide for recovery after infidelity in his original 2017 version of Out of the Doghouse.
He then invited colleague, Marnie C. Ferree, an equally acclaimed expert within the Christian
community, to adapt the book for a faith-based audience. The result is a perfect marriage
between Weiss?۪ concrete relationship-saving steps and Ferree?۪s incorporation of a Christian
perspective. Ferree brings familiar faith values and Scripture to deepen the discussion of taking
responsibility, rebuilding trust, and restoring intimacy. This workshop provides clarity about
what constitutes infidelity (???just?۝ viewing pornography counts!) and explores the tools and
stance required for cheating men to rebuild relationship trust. It also offers a clear picture of
the betrayal that wives experience, along with a road map of realistic expectations about when
husbands might be ready to leave the doghouse. Out of the Doghouse for Christian Men
provides a path of redemption for the men who cheat and a possibility of healing for the
women they hurt. Not only can relationships be saved, they can also emerge from the
doghouse stronger than ever.

Presented by: Marnie Ferree, M.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. State the definition of infidelity and describe how it coincides with the biblical concept of “heart”
  2. Name three ways men and women differ in their views of relationship betrayal
  3. Describe seven things cheaters do that make things worse and eight things that foster healing