318 – Challenging Church Culture: Making Our Congregations Safer Places to Suffer


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One of the Church?۪s great opportunities is serving suffering people. However, in many
churches, people with mental illness and their loved ones do not encounter compassion or
mercy. Instead, they are mistreated by the misinformed. However, people with mental illness
are not beyond hope, grace or love. This should not be the one type of suffering for which we
have no answers, for which we do not offer grace or love, on which we remain deadly silent or
woefully ignorant. We can make our churches safer places for those who suffer.

Presented by: Amy Simpson, M.B.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Explore ways and reasons the Church’s responses to mental illness often differ from our responses to other forms of illness and suffering
  2. Discuss ways to challenge church culture and make churches safer places for suffering people
  3. Apply key questions to their own church context