321 – Anger and Fury in Personality Disorders: Moving from Feeling-based to Decision-based Relationships


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A hallmark of working with personality disorder situations is helping counselees manage the
anger and fury that is often unleashed on their spouses and other family members without
sufficient insight and self-accountability. These counselees make the same interpersonal
mistakes repetitively and, thereby, cause much pain and oppression to loved ones. Typical
counseling techniques are often ineffective, and sometimes make matters worse because the
brain abnormalities are not addressed. This workshop will highlight a few treatment strategies
and techniques that promote the counselees?۪ long-term insight and willingness to change and
demonstrate more self-control in calming their own internal storms. Although specifically
designed to treat personality disorders, the techniques discussed can be applied to any
counselee needing to gain more self-control in his or her life.

Presented by: Fred DiBlasio, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Identify brain abnormalities involved in personality disorders
  2. Recognize symptoms of personality disorder and how to reframe them in a way that promotes engagement and acceptance by counselees
  3. Demonstrate a few strategies that promote emotional and cognitive insight, self-accountability, and self-control in the treatment of personality disorders