402 – Caring for Communities in Crisis: Psychological Insights from the Borderline Mass Shooting


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Tragically, mass shootings have become a common occurrence in our country. How does a
community cope after being impacted by such devastating trauma? As an expert trauma
therapist and the mother of a Borderline shooting survivor in the safest city in America, this
workshop will explore the comprehensive caring response to a community hit by profound
trauma. It will address counseling, pastoral, and community interventions such as managing
stress responses and survivor guilt, creating support groups and prayer vigils, managing
demands of media and press, and vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue.

Presented by: Shannae Anderson, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Describe the psychological impact of mass shootings on their communities
  2. Delineate ways in which they can engage with their communities after surviving a mass shooting
  3. Identify strategies to facilitate safety, support, and care to their communities after a mass shooting