403 – Helping Couples Embrace Marital Struggles While Striving for Oneness


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A Christ-like marriage takes work! Resilience in marriage is predicated on how couples manage
and resolve conflicts, disappointments, anger, and marital challenges. Research suggests a
lasting marital union is founded on a couple?۪s beliefs, values, and perceptions about marriage.
This presentation is evidence-based and includes biblical principles that assist couples to work
through conflicts and misperceptions that undermine their marital commitment.Cutting-edge,
research-supported best practices and biblical strategies that help couples work through their
struggles will be explored. Case scenarios will be discussed.

Presented by: Lynette Hoy, M.A. & Seigel Bartley, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Identify three, critical elements that are necessary for a lifelong marital commitment
  2. Describe empirically-supported cognitive and behavioral interventions which will motivate
    hurting couples to develop a forgiveness mindset, humility, and constructive problem-
    solving skills
  3. Employ innovative strategies that enhance resilience, resolve conflicts, and encourage
    marital stability