407 – Counseling and Coaching for Digital Addiction and Wellness: Stats, Strategies, Challenges, and Success


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The increasing digital invasion is having a profound impact on the marriages and families in our
churches. As our technology becomes more immersive, we stand at a critical juncture. Learning
how to coach and counsel families in navigating technology use in our digital age is crucial.
Research shows many teenagers feel more comfortable going out of their way on social media
to obtain advice from strangers than having a conversation with their families right at home. In
this session, we will assess the impact that our digital technology is having on the bond of
families and the unique challenges facing parents today. Parents need to be encouraged and
equipped to reclaim conversation in their homes to strengthen their attachment bonds, as they
will need the strength of their relationships to instill boundaries on their family?۪s technology use. Learn the best practices to counsel and coach families to thrive in this digital age.

Presented by: Sylvia Hart Frejd, D.Min.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Learn how the overuse of our digital technology is rewiring our brains for distraction, causing us to abuse the pleasure center in our brains and our attachment to each other
  2. Explore the many digital challenges families face today, including: cyberbullying, sexting, Internet pornography, video game addiction, social media anxiety, and loss of real-life skills
  3. Establish a Family Digital Wellness plan, including a family mission statement, family contracts, and a digital detox plan to help parents be digital mentors to their children