409 – Facilitating the Child-centered Play Therapy Relationship is Sort of Like Breathing


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The play therapist?۪s objective is to relate to the child in ways that will release his or her inner-

directional, constructive, forward-moving, creative, self-healing power. When this philosophical
belief is lived out with children in the playroom, they are empowered and their developmental
capabilities are released for self-exploration and self-discovery, resulting in constructive
change. Child-centered play therapy is an attitude, a philosophy, and a way of being with
children rather than a way of doing something to or for children. In this presentation, we will
explore dimensions that make a difference in the play therapy relationship, making emotional
contact with children, what ???being with?۝ a child means, the four healing messages needed by a
child who is hurting, the importance of focusing on the person of the child rather than the
problem, and returning responsibility to children. Video segments of Dr. Landreth?۪s play
therapy sessions will demonstrate the process of Child-centered Play Therapy.

Presented by: Garry Landreth, Ed.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Be able to describe how the child-centered play therapist facilitates the release of a child’s inner-directional, constructive, forward-moving, creative, self-healing power
  2. Be able to describe why “facilitating the child-centered play therapy relationship is sort of like breathing”
  3. Be able to describe what “being a part of something bigger than they are” means