411 – Drug-free Treatments for Depression


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Depression is a complex disease state with alterations in brain circuits, impacting the immune
system and elevating inflammatory factors resulting in cellular damage to brain cells and
alteration in neuronal DNA expression. In this workshop, we will examine how thought
patterns, beliefs, lifestyle choices, and relationships impact brain circuits, alter the immune
response, and impact the health of our bodies. Specific principles (laws) of health will be
examined demonstrating how violations of these principles disrupt brain networks, alter the
immune response, and increase inflammatory cascades leading to increased risk of depression
and metabolic illnesses. By integrating these principles, attendees will be able to formulate
interventions to resolve brain network disruptions, with subsequent reductions in inflammatory
cascades and improvement in mental and physical health. During the last half of the session,
case studies will be presented to give an opportunity for attendees to apply these principles in
both assessment and interventions.

Presented by: Tim Jennings, M.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Describe environmental factors that contribute to depression
  2. Examine the relationship between brain circuitry, immune response, and cellular brain changes in depression
  3. Develop holistic interventions to promote brain health and reduce risk of depression