419 – Fit to Serve: Critical Lifestyle and Health Strategies


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David Ashley, AKA: The Pastor of Pump, is the founder of Cross Strength Ministries and holds
multiple degrees in health, wellness, and sports management, and has been a NASM certified
personal trainer for more than 30 years. He does not tear phone books in half or pull airplanes
with his teeth???although, he most certainly could. David believes that Jesus does not need an
???Opening Act?۝ and, therefore, he simply believes in heralding the almighty, all-powerful Gospel
which is the power of God unto salvation. Although David is indeed the ???faith and fitness guy,?۝
he believes that all those in ministry should be as well. Paul says in Ephesians 4 that Jesus ???gave
the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds, and the teachers, to equip the saints
for the work of ministry, for building up the body.?۝ You see, Jesus was a ???body builder.?۝
Although spiritual disciplines are the first priority of any and all Christians, especially those in
ministry???we must not forget that the Bible also teaches the importance of bodily training and
physical well-being. ???Faith without works is dead?۝ (James 2:26, NASB). In other words, faith
requires action. Like a church without action, a body without action will eventually get sick and
die. Action involves movement, and movement involves heart, lungs, muscles proper nutrition,
and adequate rest. David Ashley, M.A.A., M.Div., 30-year veteran of the fitness industry, calls all
fellow ministry leaders, in an act of worship, to transform the body given to them by God into a
finely-tuned machine. He will instruct participants in the ???10 Repetitions of Cross Strength
Discipleship,?۝ the ???bread and water?۝ of nutrition (Jesus Christ), the ???supplements?۝ found in 2
Peter 1:5, and a whole new perspective on discipleship training???without ever forgetting that
???True strength is found at the foot of the cross,?۝ (David Ashley, [The Pastor of Pump] 2015).

Presented by: David Ashley, M.Div. & Holly Ashley, B.S.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Learn the 10 Repetitions of Cross Strength: Discipleship, Discipline, Preparation, Custom Programming, Ego/Humility, Starting at the “Core,” Using the “Spotter,” Increasing the Load, Resting Well, Setting Goals, and Teaching Others [that’s 11, not 10?]
  2. Explore best practices in nutrition: feeding your soul, mind, and body
  3. Discuss the use of “supplements” based on 2 Peter 1:5: “For this reason supplement your faith with virtue… knowledge… self-control… steadfastness… godliness… brotherly affection… and love”