423 – Maximizing Your Life Story: Becoming a “Page Turner” Leader


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Every leader?۪s life tells a story. For some, the story is a ???mystery?۝???who am I and what do I
want? For others, it is ???drama?۝???leading with unhealed emotional injury. When leaders do not
know their stories (values), they plagiarize someone else?۪s life or become a Bookmark (passive).
Leaders can turn the page and become a Page Turner Leader. Attendees will be introduced to
the Turn the Page model for leadership and coaching. Similar to a theater play, leaders have a
front stage and backstage. The front stage is the public world (strategy, execution, technology).
The backstage is the private world (motives, vulnerability, authenticity). The Page Turner Leader
is intentional about leading from the backstage.

Presented by: Johnny Parker, DSL

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Start to gain high-definition clarity on the stories they want for their lives and leadership by taking fearless ownership of challenges and strengths (know their stories)
  2. Begin aligning their stories according to personal core values and virtues from positive psychology, such as gratitude, grit, optimism, humility, and generosity (align their stories)
  3. Be intentional about sustaining effectiveness by practicing self-care (master their stories)