503 – When Sex Becomes a Nightmare: God’s Gift as Evil’s Weapon


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Sex is a gift from God, designed to be enjoyed in the confines of a marital relationship. In the
wake of the ???Me Too?۝ movement, people all across America have shared their most vulnerable
and tragic moments in public and private spheres in regard to sexual assault, rape, and forms of
sexual harassment. The impact of the women who have come forward and shared their stories
is changing the trajectory of the way our culture views sexual assault and rape. The ???face?۝ of
the perpetrator has become the face we watch on the morning news, the face that coached our

children, our neighbor, and even the face of a close friend we see most often at church. Yet, an
area that is not often discussed is when the face of the perpetrator is the husband a wife sleeps
with every night. Or, the boyfriend who continually pushes boundaries to the point of
manipulating sexual advances to control his girlfriend and take advantage of her. Or, the
woman who manipulates and controls her husband through her sexual fantasies that make him
uncomfortable. What happens when God?۪s gift is twisted in a manner that allows Satan to
cause mass destruction in the life of a child of God?

Presented by: Molly Catherine Goodson, J.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Be able to assess the individualized and unique needs of a client who is the victim of relationship rape, including those who disclose rape immediately, an extended time after the assault or choose to report it to law enforcement
  2. Explore the potential triggers and ramifications following relationship rape
  3. Discuss the Church’s role in speaking out against sexual assault and rape within the confines of the marital relationship and other types of relationships