506 – Broken Doors and Damaged Floors: Renovating the Relationship between Faith and Sexuality


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Erosion is a continual force confounding the healthy development of our adolescent
population. This erosion comes from various conflicting elements, such as expectations,
parental impression, peer influence, mental health dysfunction, and societal pressures. There
are growing numbers of influences and battles our teenagers face daily, which confound their
spiritual growth and maturation. In addition to the waning of their spirituality, youth are
presented with more influential factors complicating the development of healthy sexuality.
Christians in a variety of settings are trying to help adolescents balance their emotions and
values while facing the continual pressure from a secularly driven society. At the same time,
they are also battling the damaging elements of secular trends, misguided influences, and a
growing lack of wisdom in the community. What we need is a renovation overhaul.

Presented by: Stephanie Karlosky, M.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. List and describe factors confounding healthy development when working with spiritually and sexually conflicted clients to assist them in evaluation and intervention strategies
  2. Study principles of development and compile a blueprint of spiritual, social, cognitive, and sexual developmental theories for application during the ongoing evaluation of appropriate intervention strategies when working with adolescents
  3. Study evidenced-based techniques and interventions to incorporate into treatment planning while facilitating the client’s personal synthesis of spirituality and sexuality