507 – Evil and Mental Illness: What Every Counselor Needs to Know


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Much confusion, fear, and uncertainty have existed through the ages regarding the involvement
and impact of evil in human lives and relationships. Mythology, mystery, and misinformation
have historically combined to create considerable conflict and disagreement about the reality
and nature of the personification of evil within both Christianity and psychology. Rarely,
however, have these issues been considered and discussed with much serious scholarly and
scientific scrutiny. Utilizing an integrated perspective of both a biblical description of the

nature, role, and function of the demoniac and a clinical understanding of the dynamics of evil,
participants will be encouraged to conceptualize their clients?۪ struggles within a proposed
seven stage model of functional involvement. Clear indicators to differentially diagnose and
treat various manifestations of evil and psychopathology will then be addressed.

Presented by: Jared Pingleton, Psy.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Be provided a psychologically and biblically-integrated framework by which to understand and conceptualize various spiritual concerns often presented by Christian clients
  2. Be equipped with a seven-stage psychological model of adversarial involvement commonly manifest in clients’ lives and how to help them successfully grapple with those challenges
  3. Be furnished with a transtheoretical differential diagnostic paradigm to identify and clarify demonic involvement from clinical psychopathology