516 – The State of Counselor Education: Nationally, Internationally, and Contextual Factors


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Attendees will learn numerous statistics, projections, and dynamics which are affecting the counseling field both in the United States and internationally. Information on counseling organizations from around the world will be shared, and governmental, fiscal, and other socioeconomic considerations will be discussed. This is meant to be a ???10,000 feet altitude?۝ look at the counseling field. The ???20/20 Vision for Counseling?۝ is well discussed, and the degree to which it has been achieved. Telemental Health Laws and trends will be discussed, as well as the way this will impact future reciprocity and/or national licensure goals. Additionally, time will be allowed for small group and potentially large group discussion of various aspects of the state of Counselor Education.

Presented by: Kevin Van Wynsberg, Ph.D.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Articulate national trends in counseling
  2. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of international counseling initiatives
  3. Verbalize factors which are impeding and advancing the counseling field