522 – Money, Finance, and Relationships: Getting it Right


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Most couples enter their marriage underestimating the impact that their financial management
decisions will have on their relationship- certainly with each other, sometimes with their family
of origin, and regularly in their understanding of God?۪s providence and blessing. Wise
stewardship involves choosing well what to give, spend and save- but what do you do when
these decisions are difficult to make together? In this workshop, Ron Blue provides a freeing
perspective of how stewardship can bring you closer to your spouse as you learn how to
experience generosity, contentedness, security and gratitude.

Presented by: Ron Blue, M.B.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Understand how and why money is so impactful on a couple’s relationship, regardless of how much or little they have
  2. Learn simple biblical principles to transition into a perspective and lifestyle of co-stewardship
  3. Prepare to experience freedom through generosity and learned contentment