524 – Accomplished: Systems and Frameworks to Help Women Pursue their Goals with Guts and Grace


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How do go-getter Christian women do it all? First, they don?۪t try to do it all! Second, they have
systems and frameworks in place to be sure that they know what matters and make progress
on those priorities. From Powersheets and Planners to morning routines and mindsets, this
workshop will cover what you need to know to help your high functioning female clients
achieve what matters.

Presented by: Dina Jones, M.A. & Kaitlin Troutman, M.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Discuss how to help high performing clients prioritize and pursue their most meaningful goals
  2. Understand how to help your clients move forward with guts and grace through a mindset of gratitude, stewardship, and contentment
  3. Identify some of the most popular and effective tools for personal achievement management