601 – Surviving Major Family Loss: Death of a Spouse and Death of a Child


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Losing a member of our immediate family can often create the most profound journey of grief a
person can walk through. This panel will focus on the unique challenges of losing a spouse or
losing a child. It will also address cases when a person faces both of these losses. One of the
tasks of grieving is undoing the psycho-social ties that bind the mourner to the loved one.
Generally, a person’s life is completely connected to a spouse or child in almost every way
which can lead to a complicated grief journey. Through personal examples and practical
information, the panel members will give counselors and other caregivers practical tools to
assist and support grievers in surviving the most intimate losses and rebuilding their lives.

Presented by: Kathy Floyd, M.A., LPC & Abigail Kalaf, M.S. & Pam Luschei, M.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Describe the special needs of families experiencing the death of a spouse or the death of a child or multiple family losses as well as secondary losses that can occur with the loss of a spouse/child
  2. Apply practical techniques for helping grieving parents and spouses with the tasks of mourning and making memories
  3. Explore roadblocks to healthy grieving and healthy practical strategies for those who are comforters to grievers