604 – Imprints of a Redeemed Counselor


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The primary goal of this session is to support counselors, psychologist, psychiatrist, and other
professional caregivers, ministers and life coaches to evaluate the significance of researching,
experiencing healing from their own redemptive story, so as to appropriately support those
seeking help from us, attempting to heal and learn from their own family system. If we change
and heal as therapists from our own story, we are much more apt to be present and aware of
the needs of those who are hurting and longing to understand and desire to heal as well.
Although inappropriate to use one?۪s own story as the primary means of counseling, there are
certainly times it can become the key breakthrough in educating and ways one can heal due to
the gaps one is experiencing when coupled with a caregiver who had truly experienced healing
as the result of researching one?۪s own story. A major part of our responsible role as
professional caregivers is to help educate and assist in the healing process of painful memories
by giving people aids to retrace both the profound negative and positive aspects of their story.

Presented by: Kenny Mauck, M.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Understand through a personal self-reflective exercise the correlation of how ones mortality is a natural and primary motivator in seeking, gathering, embracing, and sharing, when appropriate, ones own redemptive story
  2. Learn about family research site aids prior to the session, as well as, educate the attendee as to the alternative ways of maintaining ones family heritage and stories through the use of video, copying records from libraries, recorders, or finding easy downloaded journals, or captions with pictures
  3. Learn through the use of a group interaction and time sensitive vignette’s via triad or dyad exercise’s, the importance of sharing illustrations and examples of the author book, “leaving your life imprint” the appropriateness of sharing to encourage dialogue about family with those were attempting to help