612 – Maintaining Boundaries as a Wounded Healer


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As mental health providers, we often work with a needy and demanding population. It?۪s
inherent in our role as providers to be supportive, educate, listen, and be empathetic without
losing ourselves in the process of caring for the client. As wounded healers, we need to ensure
our issues do not cause adverse outcomes due to our need to rescue our clients as a result of
poor boundaries. Ministering to others can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. It?۪s
important to recognize our ability to minister to brokenness is God directed when we look to
him for guidance and direction. The goal of this workshop is to recognize how our brokenness
as wounded healers can be a catalyst to minister, or a stumbling block when we are more
concerned about the outcome while counseling our clients.

Presented by: Wanda Binns, M.S.W.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Define healthy boundaries vs poor boundaries as they identify obstacles they have faced working with their clients
  2. Discuss and identify how their role as a wounded healer can impact the counseling process
  3. Articulate God’s plans for boundaries