614 – God, Science, and Sex: Hope and Healing for Your Past


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With an estimated 95% of people having sex outside of marriage today, (including Christians),
the sexual revolution that promised freedom, fun and pleasure has delivered pain, shame and
wounding instead. The result is people whose lives, relationships and marriages are haunted by
the past keeping them from all God created them to be. In other words, you?۪ve had sex… but
now sex has you. By combining scientific research on sexual bonding with God?۪s design for sex,
along with steps for healing, this workshop will offer striking new insights about what sexual
bonding is, why it is harmful, and how to move freely into your future.

Presented by: Barbara Wilson, M.A.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of cutting-edge research regarding the scientific truth of sexual bonding and describe the impact this has on a person’s ability to form healthy marital relationships
  2. Describe the four specific steps to healing that come from empirically-based treatment protocols for healing past sexual wounds that intrude into the marriage relationship
  3. Identify ways a person’s sexual past is keeping him/her from moving forward in treatment and apply specific healing strategies for individuals and couples seeking healing from their sexual pasts